Bread Basket Bakery & Bread Basket Cake Shop

Here’s the Story

With two bustling locations and a reputation for excellence, Bread Basket Bakery and Bread Basket Cake Shop have become integral parts of the local community. Their unique offerings and dedication to quality have earned them recognition, including the prestigious title of “Best Bakery” in Saratoga Today’s “Best of the Saratoga Region 2023.”

Giving Back

At Bread Basket, success is not just measured by accolades but by the positive impact on the community. Committed to giving back, Bread Basket has consistently donated all profits to BFG, dedicated to fighting hunger.

Moving Forward

With each loaf of bread baked and each slice of cake served, they continue to uphold their pledge to make a difference. Bread Basket is poised to further strengthen their ties with the community, continuing their legacy of amazing food and social responsibility.