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Sep 26, 2023

High Impact Philanthropy: Ed Mitzen Of Business for Good On How To Leave A Lasting Legacy With A Successful & Effective Nonprofit Organization

AUTHORITY MAGAZINE – …Alongside his wife … Mitzen co-founded the award-winning Business for Good, a family of nonprofit and for-profit companies, making significant contributions to organizations focused on creating positive change. His personal passions include promoting equity, fostering stronger communities, preserving arts and culture, providing emergency services, and combating homelessness and food insecurity…

Aug 8, 2023

Tulsa Massacre Survivors Continue Their Fight for Reparations

THE ROOT – … The victims of the Tulsa Massacre have had some relief. Last year, Ed Mitzen, a New York-based philanthropist donated $1 million to the survivors. However, many argue that true reparations needs to come from the city of Tulsa that allowed the massacre to occur…