Community Development

BFG. Investing in businesses to build flourishing communities.

Community is a word that can be overused, but personally—we can’t hear it enough. In fact, community development is the secret ingredient in some of the biggest projects that Business for Good takes on.

A small town where declining local business opportunities challenge its future. A city where entrepreneurs are everywhere, but not all of them have the same opportunities for success. A neighborhood where institutional racism has limited the dreams of its residents. These scenarios are at the center of underserved, forgotten, and ignored communities where BFG wants to jump in and help.

With intentional support and establishment of cornerstone businesses, affordable workspaces, and improved housing, we know that investments made today can reverberate for generations to come. Because when businesses return, jobs are created, and when jobs are created, living conditions can improve. The ecosystems that we all live, work and play in are interconnected – and when we can do good in big ways, the whole community can flourish.

Take a Look at BFG Community Building Initiatives: