Who We Are

BFG. Shattering barriers to help people achieve their dreams.

We See the Good in People

It’s easy to see the challenges that surround us. Businesses closing. Race and class inequity. Entrepreneurs struggling. They are in the news every day—and in our neighborhoods.

Business for Good puts resources of all kinds into the hands of people who are building stronger communities and creating positive change.

We see philanthropy as something intentional. People in underserved communities as protagonists in their own stories. And business, done right, as an agent for change.

Good things will follow.

Woman in striped shirt

Our Values

Equity | Access | Opportunity | Prosperity

Inequity is real. And persistent. But not inevitable. We’ve seen the power of business to shatter barriers to equity. With access comes hope. With hope comes opportunity. And opportunity opens the door to prosperity.

Meet the Team

Driven professionals with activists’ hearts. That’s our crew. We represent the very kinds of communities Business for Good serves. We embody the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. We bring every kind of diversity to the table. Most of all, we get things done.

Who’s on the Board?

Business leaders. Philanthropists. Entrepreneurs. Community leaders. Members of the Business for Good board share more than names on a list. They share a vision for the power of hands-on, sustained investment to build communities. They share a belief that dreams exist to be achieved. By everyone.