Step Up To The Charity Stripe

We’re taking BFG to the national stage!

This year, Brackets For Good is taking a new step forward with our fundraising model and launching a new program for every 501(c)3 charity across the country. Introducing Champ’s Charity Challenge. Here, anyone and everyone is invited to compete in a $10,000+ bracket prediction challenge on behalf of their favorite charitable organization.

Starting in January 2019, you’ll be able to make a tax-deductible donation of $20 or more and predict the men’s college basketball tournament in March 2019. No matter how much you give, only $10 will be reserved for the national prize pool and administrative fees. The remainder will be passed directly onto the charity of your choice.

We're seeding the national prize pool with $10,000 which will be awarded to the top 10 charities named by our individual Champ’s Charity Challenge prediction winners, so submit as many predictions as you want.

In addition to encouraging every charitable person and college basketball fan to participate in our national charity challenge, we're inviting any company, community, family, or other group to create and fund their own pools too!

This is your chance to give back and help out. Champ’s counting on you. Let’s have some fun doing some good, people.



Next Update: December 2018