Voorheesville! Thanks so much for joining us to celebrate the restaurant coming to 42 South Main Street. We had a blast, and we hope you did too! It was nice to meet so many new neighbors and new friends (it’s really one of our favorite parts of the job). And it was amazing to talk with you about community, food, and everything in between.

Special thanks to those who participated in BFG’s survey, either in person or online. We got some great feedback that will help shape how we will move forward!

A new restaurant is coming to Voorheesville.

What’s Cooking?

Thanks for weighing in on the menu. Stay tuned for mouth-watering updates.

Currently vacant, housing only the shell of an old Stewarts, 42 South Main will soon be home to a stable local business, a generous employer, and hopefully one of your family’s favorite future restaurants!

We promise a Capital Region born business of the highest possible standard—one that will not only serve great food in a warm and welcoming environment but one that will commit to being an active and positive member of your community.

Hiring locally

Treating employees right

And returning ALL profits to local charities

In our fight against food insecurity, housing instability, and education inequity, Business for Good believes that every good deed starts with a good idea, and every good idea starts with a conversation.

Let’s keep the conversation going, Voorheesville. And let’s eat!


More of What’s In Store for Voorheeseville

Hear from Voorheesville Mayor Richard Straut and our own Ed Mitzen

Ed Mitzen

BFG Co-Founder

Richard Straut

Mayor, Voorheesville

From the Stage

Ed Mitzen & Mayor Richard Straut

We Love Making Connections.

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