GIving Circle

Here’s the Story

Giving Circle stands as a testament to the values of compassion and community. Founded on the principles of neighbor helping neighbor and community helping community, Giving Circle believes in the boundless potential of collaboration and generosity. Through their initiatives in Education, Health, and Sustainability across Africa, they are bridging gaps and fostering holistic development.

Giving Back

The Mitzen Family Building in Kagoma, now a hub for higher education, is a tangible example of BFG’s commitment. By providing teachers with the certifications necessary in Uganda, Giving Circle empowers them to advance their careers and enrich the lives of 237 students, including 72 hearing-impaired individuals. Moreover, the emphasis on teaching sign language ensures that every child can learn and play as an inclusive community.

Moving Forward

As the school and community in Kagoma continue to thrive, BFG remains committed to tracking progress and supporting ongoing development. By staying engaged and involved, they ensure that the positive momentum generated by their contributions continues to uplift and empower the village for generations to come.