Blackbirds Tavern & Blackbirds Bike Cafe

Here’s the Story

Blackbirds Tavern and Blackbirds Bike Cafe are two new eateries located in the heart of Voorheesville, New York.

Giving Back

All profits from both Blackbirds Tavern and Blackbirds Bike Cafe will be donated to Business for Good to fund high school sports, activities, and programs in Voorheesville and nearby towns. Both locations will also provide dozens of full-time and part-time job opportunities to area residents.

The Blackbirds Restaurants aren’t just revitalizing the local economy; they are transforming lives. Meet Joel Quinones and Emma Noble, two dedicated Blackbirds Bike Cafe employees whose lives have been profoundly impacted by this incredible venture. BFG’s Elaine Houston sat down with Joel and Emma, delving into their inspiring journeys and the positive impact the cafe has had on their lives.

Moving Forward

With Blackbirds Bike Cafe now open, Blackbirds Tavern will follow and is scheduled to open later in 2024.