Wellspring opens new community wing built with $500,000 Business for Good Foundation™ donation; unveils mural that symbolizes growth, hope, change and resilience

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RELEASE –On Wednesday, October 20, Wellspring opened a new community wing built with a $500,000 donation from The Business for Good Foundation™ (BFG) during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The new building will allow Wellspring to host more forums and more educational programs like job skills training and financial literacy courses, aimed at helping victims of domestic abuse gain self-sufficiency. Since its inception, Wellspring has sought to meet the evolving need for domestic violence and sexual assault services in Saratoga County. Over the past forty years, they’ve continually added programming and staff, but they’ve been housed in the same, limited physical space. The new community wing creates a new home that will not only allow Wellspring to serve more people, but simultaneously enhance services. With the opening of the new wing, also comes the unveiling of the new Seasons of Change mural, painted by renowned Saratoga Springs artist C.A.M. Cameron. The mural depicts the four seasons.

“The Seasons of Change mural is a symbolic metaphor for growth, change, hope and resilience; the journey that Wellspring’s clients are on,” said The Business for Good Foundation™ Chief Brand Officer, Connie Frances Avila. “The mural is in the most perfect location, too; open the main entrance door and it’s right there to greet you.”

Wellspring is one of many businesses supported by The Business for Good Foundation™ (BFG) – a local non-profit committed to investing in people to build better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

“Wellspring is a wonderful example of the heart of BFG’s mission,” said The Business for Good Foundation™ Chief Executive Officer, Jahkeen Hoke. “We are excited to support their new trajectory.”

Business for Good reimagines business as a seed for social change, with the power to change lives and shape communities. To fight the inequities of access to resources and support, Business for Good’s mission is to share resources, strategies and connections to help others build their dreams while giving back to their communities. With a focus of healing the underserved and breaking cycles of food insecurity, housing instability and education inequity, BFG strives to open doors and opportunities where they haven’t been before.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”.custom-row-class-name”]

About Wellspring

Wellspring’s mission is to support survivors and engage the community to end relationship and sexual abuse. Each year, crisis intervention and survivor services support more than 1,000 clients, providing comprehensive, compassionate, non-judgmental, completely free support in the form of counseling, legal advocacy, and case management. Wellspring also provides safe housing to adults and children either fleeing or homeless because of domestic violence. In Saratoga County domestic violence is the number two violent crime (second only to drunk/drugged driving). While helping victims in need is a major focus of its mission, Wellspring believes that by increasing awareness there can be an end to intimate partner violence. Wellspring staff provide prevention and education programs to school-aged youth, as well as training and education programs for adults, faith-based congregations, businesses and professional organizations. Wellspring’s operations are funded by local, state, and federal grant funding as well as philanthropic contributions from the community. To support Wellspring’s mission, please visit Wellspring.com.

About the mural artist, C.A.M. Cameron

C.A.M. Cameron is a Saratoga Springs resident whose first career was as a newspaper copy editor and reporter. Expecting to be able to write freelance while caring for a critically ill family member, she soon learned that a deadline business was not compatible with unplanned nights spent in an E.R. or shuttling between home and hospital with a patient. At the same time, friends and former colleagues were asking for consults on projects involving art and graphic design – Cathi Anne’s lifelong interests. During Cathi Anne’s time as a caregiver, the design and painting projects she was being asked to help with were a better fit for an unpredictable schedule. Soon, she had as much art-related work as her caregiving responsibilities would permit. Much of Cathi Anne’s work can be seen up and down Broadway in Saratoga Springs, including the windows painted at Lifestyles, the women’s clothing store, the literary quotes near the ceilings throughout Northshire Books, and the “Honey Room” sign at the Saratoga Tea and Honey Company. All of the pieces noted are made specifically for public enjoyment, including those at the new Bread Basket location just off Weibel Road, and the new Seasons of Change mural at the recently opened Wellspring community wing.

About The Business for Good Foundation™

With values rooted in equity, access, opportunity, and prosperity, BFG has advanced the model of traditional venture philanthropy to Do Good and Give Back to communities in the Greater Capital Region of Albany. The foundation, formed in 2020, seeks to give back to move forward and is rooted in the core principle of “for good, not gain.” Comprised of a mission-focused team, The Business for Good Foundation™ believes no challenge is insurmountable through hard and thoughtful work. With a goal to provide businesses and organizations with sustained support, BFG invests in people for the long term and in every way. Business for Good: building better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.
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