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Business reimagined as a seed for social change. In your community.

Business can shatter barriers.

It can give access.

It can be an equalizer.


Our Vision & Values


Inequity is real. And persistent. But not inevitable. We’ve seen the power of business, up close, to change lives and shape communities, to give people hope, and to help those in need.

We believe it is imperative that all people have access to help and support at each meaningful step in their life, from their lowest moment to what might be their greatest success. A fairer, better future depends on it.

That’s why we’re here. To share the resources, strategies, and connections we’ve developed through a lifetime in business to help others find their footing and achieve their dreams.

Our Story

Throughout our careers, we’ve been committed to giving back. We’ve worked hard to get to where we are, but we’ve also been uniquely fortunate.

We established Business for Good™ because not everyone has the same opportunities that we’ve had to pursue and achieve a dream, or to even dream freely because of the economic and social obstacles standing in their way.

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Our Solution

Invest in people. Invest in their health, their education, their well-being, but also invest in their vision and in their dreams. Invest in people for the long term and in every way. Good things will follow.

Our Approach

What We Do

We invest in people to build better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

Venture Philanthropy

We sustain communities by buying businesses, being conscientious employers, and returning all profits to community causes.

Entrepreneur Support

We accelerate businesses and advance communities through sustained investment in local entrepreneurship.

Impact Giving

We treat community emergencies like food insecurity, housing instability, and education inequity with targeted donations.


Excited To See What’s Next?

There’s good on the horizon—stay tuned!

We Love Making Connections.

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.