The Challenge

To grow and amplify a community positive business, while maintaining the quality and character of its product, the vision of its present ownership, and the legacy of its founder.

The Opportunity

Hattie’s Chicken Shack founder, Hattie Moseley Austin said, “My goal isn’t to be famous—or to make a profit—my goal is to help whoever I can.”  And it’s BFG’s goal to work with chef Jasper and current Hattie’s staff to continue her mission. We want to help whoever we can by donating all profits to local charity.

The Impact

The future of Hattie’s business is as secure as her place in local history. And there is potential for this business to do more good, help more people (while serving amazing chicken!), than she probably ever imagined it could.

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Business Builder

We accelerate businesses and advance communities through sustained investment in local entrepreneurship.


Community Boost

We treat community emergencies like food insecurity, housing instability, and education inequity with targeted donations.


Excited To See What’s Next?

There’s good on the horizon—
stay tuned!

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