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There are many organizations that share our ultimate goal of a more equitable and humane world through community assistance, whose work is invaluable to our communities. If we feel that one organization is better equipped to meet a specific community challenge such as food insecurity, housing instability or education inequity than we are, and is in need of financial or business assistance or other resources, we’re proud to help.

Community Assistance Boost

You can’t improve the future without working hard to meet the needs of the present.

In grants across New York state so far.
Individual community organizations assisted.
Business for Good Foundation established.

Alzheimer’s Association
Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC
Back on My Feet
Capital Area Human Services
Capital District LATINOS
Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar
Capital Roots
Captain Community Human Services
The Children's Museum at Saratoga
The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region

Dirty Dozen Fundraiser benefiting Food Pantries of the Capital Region
Feed Albany
Frank Chapman Memorial Institute
Franklin Community Center
The Giving Circle, Inc.
Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.)
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
National Museum of Dance
Open Door Mission
Rebuilding Together Saratoga County

Saratoga Bridges
Saratoga Center for the Family
Saratoga Senior Center
Shelters of Saratoga, Inc.
SNACpack Program
South End Children's Cafe
St. Anne Institute
Syracuse University SUSTAIN Program
The Wilton Food Pantry


Shelters of Saratoga

The challenge

To provide community assistance and meet the consistent need for stable, affordable housing for low-income residents of Saratoga Springs. To help shelter guests find long-term housing solutions.

The opportunity

Shelters of Saratoga (SOS) has developed a highly successful low-income housing model, which provides affordable apartment units as well support services to community members in need. Unfortunately, in terms of housing, need still outpaces inventory in the city.

The impact

Business for Good’s gift: long-term use of a 4,500 ft2 building at 1 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, will allow SOS to further expand the scope of their necessary work, providing more of our neighbors with the life-changing benefit of stable housing, as well as access to critical support services.

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The challenge

Since its inception, Wellspring has sought to meet the evolving need for domestic violence services in Saratoga County. Over the past forty years, they’ve continually added programming and staff, but they’ve been housed in the same, limited physical space.

The opportunity

To create a new home that would not only allow Wellspring to serve more people but simultaneously enhance services.

The impact

The new building will allow Wellspring to host more forums and more educational programs like job skills training, and financial literacy courses aimed at helping victims of domestic abuse grow their independence and self-sufficiency.


Support Wellspring’s Building Campaign!



Syracuse University


The challenge

Since its inception, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degree continuation rates for underrepresented students have been disproportionately low.

The opportunity

The SUSTAIN program was developed to specifically target and provide support and resources to first-generation students, female students, and students of color, pursuing STEM degrees.

The impact

Since its launch, the SUSTAIN program has seen STEM degree continuation rates for underrepresented students rise from roughly 30% to over 90%. The program has been incredibly successful and BFG™ support is going to allow it to move from its grant-funded pilot phase to consistent endowment funding, ensuring that these incredible results continue, helping to diversify the next generation of leaders in science and technology.

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More of What We Do

We invest in people to build better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

Entrepreneur Support

We accelerate businesses and advance communities through sustained investment in local entrepreneurship.

Venture Philanthropy

We sustain communities by buying businesses, being conscientious employers, and returning all profits to community causes.


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