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Eight hundred and forty-four thousand, three-hundred and eight dollars!

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Matt McIntyre

$844,308 This is the magic number that signifies the biggest Brackets For Good season in our four year history! In just a few short weeks, $581,383 was raised in the Indianapolis tournament presented by Valeo Financial Advisors and $262,925 in the inaugural Louisville tournament presented by Bingham Greenbaum Doll. Now that the frenzy of competition has subsided and the champs have been crowned we can look back and reflect on the achievements of the 2015 tournament.


Some of the fiercest competitors made their intentions known from the moment the ball was in play. Indianapolis played hard in the first round and quickly produced the highest scoring round in the whole tournament- over 140,000 points scored! In Louisville, Round 1 also started out strong and the teams played steadily right to the last whistle. At the end of round 1 we all learned a valuable lesson we would carry with us for the next four weeks: Never underestimate the Buzzer Beater! The last fifteen minutes of each round were consistently a burst of alley-oops, three-pointers and slam dunks all over the scoreboards. It was a dizzying downpour of pent-up donations cascading down the screens at 15 minutes to the bell each week. The last buzzer beater would barely hit the board when we would see a new surge of points scored, both for teams looking to close the gaps and for nervous leaders scrambling to stay on top. The buzzer beaters made underdogs emerge victorious and caused week-long leads to crumble in seconds.

Over the course of the tournament, Indianapolis saw 2,322 individual donors give a total of 5,014 times, with 60% of those coming from first-time donors, demonstrating the important exposure generated for the participating charities. We saw countless creative YouTube videos and spirited twitter banter over the course of the tournament by sponsors, nonprofits and their supporters. We expect that infectious attitude to return next year for our 5th annual Indianapolis tournament!

In Louisville, we saw 1,167 donors giving a total of 2,594 times, 61% of whom were also first-time donors – and everyone was a rookie BFG tournament participant! Congrats to Louisville for hitting the ground running and not running out of gas all tournament long. The Louisville teams brought fresh enthusiasm and a can-do attitude that kept the momentum up and brought surprises around every corner. We can’t wait play ball again next year.

humaneWe are so proud of our two winners this year – they are truly champions. We cannot give enough big wet sloppy kisses to Hamilton County Humane Society for their ability to raise a ruckus all over the courts, raising over $124,000 during the tournament – the most of any organization by a long … leash! These funds will help them provide a safe haven for the lost and stray animals of Hamilton County and find new loving homes for thousands of animals this year.

louisvillebatsOur Louisville Champ is also greatly deserving of their crown: FEAT – Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Louisville. FEAT consistently raised more funds in each round as the tournament progressed – generating a total of $33,918! These funds will help them provide scholarships, continue their valuable programs and enrich parent education for the families who need their services.

Without volunteers, sponsors and advocates for these amazing organizations we could not have achieved these monumental successes. Our participants are fierce competitors who can fire up the fans on Facebook, have impressively strong hashtag skills and score point after point, round after round. We also want to thank our generous sponsors. Thanks to them, 128 charities received well-deserved funds to help them continue their work and gained exposure to new supporters, volunteers and community partners, all while having fun!

Congratulations to our Champions and see you in 2016! #BFG16

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Brackets For Good 2015 Title Sponsor – Valeo Financial Advisors

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Jen Marcuson

Valeo Financial AdvisorsBrackets For Good welcomes back Valeo Financial Advisors as a 2015 Indianapolis Title Sponsor. This is the second year Valeo has sponsored the tournament in this capacity, helping Brackets For Good deliver the tournament and present the winning prize.

Valeo provides financial advisory services to those who currently need or will grow to need comprehensive financial planning for individuals and investment management consulting for institutions and their 401(k) plans. Valeo is 100% employee owned with over 25 advisors in Indianapolis, servicing more than 700 families. They pride themselves on their open and direct communication, transparent fee structure, objective investment advice and their integrity which leads to a high volume of important work being accomplished for their clients.

Continuous improvement is at the core of Valeo culture. Giving to others in need is seen as both a constant improvement of our community and an important part of the Valeo mission.

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Brackets For Good 2015 Title Sponsor – Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Jen Marcuson

BGD-LogoBrackets For Good welcomes Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP to the 2015 tournaments as both a Title Sponsor in Louisville and Divisional Sponsor in Indianapolis.  Bingham Greenebaum Doll is a full service business law firm providing transactional, litigation and government services to regional, national and international clientele across a variety of industries and business sectors. BGD has served the legal and business needs of clients for more than a century.

The BGD culture is rooted in three firm values. Their lawyers and employees pursue excellence, which requires hard work, rigor and commitment. They behave honorably and treat everyone with civility and respect. They also give priority to clients and the firm over individual self-interest. In addition to providing exceptional legal service, the firm strives for excellence in client service, taking great pride in providing practical legal solutions for businesses for more than a century. BGD uses a team approach focused on relationships to get deals done, disputes resolved and help launch big ideas.

BGD takes its community service commitment seriously; in fact, it is a cornerstone of the firm’s culture. This commitment is illustrated in many ways, including through supporting a range of civic and charitable organizations. Being rooted in the midwest means a love for basketball closely follows. Brackets For Good has created a way to leverage the energy and excitement during the month of March into something that can benefit the community at large. BGD is excited to be both a Title Sponsor and a Divisional Sponsor of this year’s tournaments and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will make on our communities.

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Brackets For Good 2015 Sponsor Starting Line Up – Sigstr

Posted on March 04, 2015 by Jen Marcuson

Brackets For Good welcomes Sigstr as a 2015 tournament sponsor. Sigstr is a cloud-based email marketing tool that amplifies the value of things you already do – sending emails to your customers, supporters and prospects. Sigstr gives the marketer central control to append banners and calls-to-action to the email signature which enables every employee email to promote your latest event, fundraiser, white paper, video and more. This strategy syncs your best content with the most common point of customer interaction and provides branded and measurable calls-to-action.

Most clients come to Sigstr for the simplicity of the set-up and management and the Sigstrmarketing return on investment. Sigstr is very simple to use, requires less than five minutes to set up and requires no IT management which makes it ideal for any size of company, organization or individual.

At Sigstr, they celebrate success, reward innovation, promote a work/life balance, and believe in transparency in everything they do. Partnering with Brackets For Good was a perfect fit in that Sigstr is an Indianapolis-based company. Their president Dan Hanrahan sums it up well by stating, “We’re Hoosiers, and we want to devote our time to whatever does the most good for our friends and neighbors”.

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Brackets For Good 2015 Sponsor Starting Line Up – Candidio

Posted on March 04, 2015 by Jen Marcuson

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! We are thrilled to have Candidio on board again this year and excited for them to once again create professional videos for the competing nonprofits wanting to showcase their organizational goals. Look for their handiwork on the nonprofit stat sheets throughout the tournament and on Brackets For Good’s YouTube Channel.

Candidio is a video production hub with the on-demand tools and team to help Candidiopeople produce more and better videos, in less time and for less money. They take the complicated, intimidating process of video production and simplify it. They work with organizations that use the internet to communicate their missions, promote their products and services, and connect with their customers, stakeholders, or members.

Candidio could be summarized as operating on five core values: Real, Simple, Fun, Fresh and Clever. By fostering a corporate culture where team members value, respect and trust each other and honor one another’s abilities and contributions they have created an enriching environment in which learning, creativity, teamwork and courage are celebrated.

The folks at Candidio believe that not enough people are connected to the good that’s being done all around them. By sponsoring Brackets for Good they are helping spread the word and connecting people to causes that make a difference in our world.

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