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2018 Champ Coloring Contest

Posted on March 17, 2018 by Matt Duncan


Click here to download!



Click here to download.

It’s time once again for the Champ Coloring Contest! We are selecting 10 lucky winners to receive $50 for their favorite nonprofit in #BFG18! Here are the steps you to ensure Champ reviews your entry for consideration.

  • Step 1: Select one of the two coloring options below to download your Champ Masterpiece!
  • Step 2: Bring your “A” game with the coloring utensil of your choice!
  • Step 3: Add your name and the nonprofit you would support to your entry.
  • Step 4: Snap a picture of your entry and share it socially making sure to tag Brackets For Good (and use #ChampContest) on one of our social media accounts (see below) by March 22nd.
  • Winners will be announced Friday, March 23rd.

Brackets For Good Social Accounts:

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Creative HIGH Five Contest

Posted on March 12, 2018 by Matt Duncan

It’s no secret we LOVE the HIGH Five here at Brackets For Good! Now we want to see your most creative HIGH Five and if you happen to be select, we’ll send you $50 in FREE Throws to score for your favorite nonprofit. To be eligible you MUST submit a video through your social media accounts, tag us on our social accounts, and use the #highfivehookup!

To be eligible your submission needs to be submitted between March 12th – 15th!

Here are our social accounts.

Good luck!

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Nonprofit Orientation Round 2!

Posted on February 22, 2018 by Matt Duncan

We hosted our second virtual orientation for nonprofits to learn more about Brackets For Good heading into tournament time. Below you will find the recording of the presentation along with the complete chat thread from all attendees and our responses highlighted in BOLD. Looking forward to another exciting year of Fundraising Madness!

Welcome everyone! Matt McIntyre here, Executive Director of Brackets For Good. I’ll be addressing questions as fast as I can! Here we go!

Matt – I keep seeing that the tournament kicks off on March 9th but I have also heard the 2nd on a couple occasions.  Can you please confirm?  Thanks

Sure thing! Some matchups start on the 2nd and some on the 9th. The difference is the size of the bracket in each market. What market are you participating in?


Perfect! Yes, your tournament starts on March 9th as you see in the header above https://cincinnati.bfg.org/. Two organizations have first round byes so their first round match ups won’t start until March 16th.

Is their suppose to be audio ?

Yes, very much so.  1-860-970-0010 (Conference ID: 280-449-974)

You can also turn on computer audio using the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click the three dots button and then settings to access the audio controls. Read more

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YOUR First #BFG18 Contest Starts Now!

Posted on February 20, 2018 by Matt Duncan


This year we’re thrilled to announce our first ever prediction contest that can help your cause WIN additional dollars from Team BFG!

Visit the local tournament links below and fill out your predictions for the organizations you feel are going to go the distance in this year’s fundraising tournament. Get your submission in before 6 pm EST on Friday, March 2nd to be considered for a raffle where we’ll award 10 lucky FANlanthropists with $50 to their favorite nonprofit!

Winners will be announced on Facebook LIVE Friday, March 2nd after 8 pm EST.

Atlanta – https://atlanta.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Cincinnati – https://cincinnati.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Connecticut – https://connecticut.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Dallas – https://dallas.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Denver – https://denver.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Indiana – https://indiana.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Indianapolis – https://indianapolis.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Kentucky – https://kentucky.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Maryland – https://maryland.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Miami – https://miami.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Minnesota – https://minnesota.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
Nashville – https://nashville.bfg.org/bracket_prediction
St. Louis – https://stlouis.bfg.org/bracket_prediction

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Brackets For Good Orientation 2018 Recap

Posted on February 01, 2018 by Matt Duncan

We hosted our first virtual orientation for nonprofits to learn more about Brackets For Good heading into tournament time. Below you will find the recording of the presentation along with the complete chat thread from all attendees and our responses highlighted in BOLD. Looking forward to another exciting year of Fundraising Madness! 

Will we receive information about our donors through BFG? Address & contact?

Yes you will. In fact the donor details are quite extensive with name, email, address, sms subscription opt-in, school, company, board interest, volunteer interest and more! That will be covered a bit later in the presentation.

Thanks for the prompt response!

You’re welcome! Thanks for being part of Brackets For Good!

Did he say that we keep ALL the funds we raise? Doesn’t BFG get a percentage?

When do we find out who we’re up against in our market?

You are correct. Similar to most online giving platforms, Brackets For Good has a convenience fee to process credit cards and more. That all encompassing fee detailed here https://bfg.org/terms#gross-contributions is 4.7% + $0.30 for online donations and 7% + $0.30 for over the phone donations.

Will we have access to this presentation after this orientation?

The brackets and first-round matchups will be revealed for all tournaments during the national pep rally on February 15th. You can RSVP to attend that virtually here:https://bfg18nationalpeprally.eventbrite.com

thank you!

Yes, we will share a recording of today’s presentation on our youtube channel, which is loaded with even more great resources found at:https://www.youtube.com/user/BracketsForGood

can you tell us more about team sponsor ideas / opportunities?

What kind of events can you plan when you have only a month notice? Anyone who has done this before?

Can we have more than 1 corporate partner?

How and when will we receive the money raised through BFG?

Yes, more details about how to recruit and promote a “Community Teammate” (a corporate partner) will be shown shortly and made available in your Nonprofit Locker Room very soon.

Events like viewing parties, dinners, parties, your own pep rally, car wash, any ticketed event and more can all be possible. In fact, using current events as opportunities to raise support in BFG can be great too!

Can we use the brackets for good logo as part or our communications?

Cool – thanks viewer 102!

There is room for only one community teammate image, but if you’re able to put two logos onto that image you can recruit more than one. We view community teammates as an opportunity to forge or further any relationship you have with a corporate partner.

In terms of the BFG processing fees, will that be obvious to the donors when they make the donation or will that be taken out from the bank end? Example: A donor donates $25 to the nonprofit in addition to 4.7% + $.03 going to brackets for good for a total of $26.48. OR does the donor donate $25 and on the back end $1.18 goes to BFG and $23.82 goes to the nonprofit?

@Sydney Shearer, I believe you receive the funds when you’re eliminated or when you win the tournament.

You will receive the full some of donations raised in April shortly after the tournament concludes. We’re able to distribute funds faster if you enter your bank account information in your nonprofit locker room.

Yes! You can certainly use the BFG logo and all creative assets found in the “Logos & Graphics” page of your nonprofit locker room in your outreach.


if we hold offline events during tournament (i.e. bake sale) how do we go about using those donations to put in to our “account”? say we raise $250, am I able to just go in and donate that?

The Brackets For Good convenience fee will be paid by the participating charity after the donation as detailed here: https://bfg.org/terms#gross-contributions. We are hoping to add a feature where donors have the option to cover the convenience fee as part of their donation, but as of right now it will be removed from the donation total, so your example of a donor donating $25 and on the back end $1.18 goes to BFG and $23.82 goes to the nonprofit is correct. Of the $1.18 Brackets For Good pays the credit card processing expense of ~3%.

Thanks! Did that change from 2016 to 2017?

Our convenience fee modeling for our 2018 tournament is identical to what it was in 2017. Soon, Matt will cover one new addition, which is over the phone donations through the new Brackets For Good Donation Hotline!

Fantastic thank you!

Lost audio —  Is it me?

was our donor profile saved from last year?

The best thing to share with any new manager is a link to the 7 minute, virtual lesson under training camp. There is a ‘Brackets For Good 101” lesson found there.

Yes, donor profiles are saved from last year.

if we are returning teams, do we have to resubmit account information?

I’m sorry for the lost audio! You can dial-in over the phone with this: Dial: 1-860-970-0010

(Conference ID: 280-449-974)

You do not need to re-submit account information if you are a returning team; however, it would be great to double check all the information you entered.

Does the Donate Now widget work on Facebook and other social media sites?

Does BFG run similar similar programs at other times of the year?

what if an offsite event is not solely for BFG?  We have an event scheduled before we knew we were in the tournament. are those dollars eligible?

Great question! We have had people use the widget on various social media sites, but it has not been tested in detail by Brackets For Good. It’s original intent was to be embedded on your website. Please feel free to try (and maybe get a leg up)!

Brackets For Good is currently a March-only event. We have more programs we are working on to support the discovery and participation in philanthropy year-round, so stay tuned!

If you host a BFG event during the tourney are those funds considered benchpoints?

If the event is during the tournament, and you can prove that the donations collected were for your Brackets For Good participation then it will be approved as Bench Points.

Yes! Get creative with bench points. Think about taking checks from those supporters still afraid to donate online, a slam dunk jar at your reception desk, an event dedicated to promote your participation, etc… get creative!

are e-mail addresses kept with BFG for use only during the tournament?

Can we have a different partner each week?

Can we have more than one community teammate?

Email address are private to Brackets For Good and only used during the tournament. You can read more about our privacy terms here:https://bfg.org/privacy-policy

Yes! Good idea to have a new partner each week. You’ll be able to self-upload a new logo each week.

You’ll have space to upload one community teammate image. That said, the image could have multiple company logos on it if you choose.

can we get the text of this chat box conversation via email?

Terms for reference: https://bfg.org/terms

Great question! We will certainly try to copy and share this chat thread.

If you’re interested in a copy of this chat thread please email us at email@bfg.org and we’ll get it to you.

National Pep Rally RSVP: https://bfg18nationalpeprally.eventbrite.com

so if people or business want to donate via check we register those via bench points?

Yes. You are correct.

is there a convenience fee for bench points submissions?

GAME ON!  Pumped for 2018 BFG!

The schedule on my nonprofit’s page under emails & socials post is different than the one in the presentation

Yes, as it is still an online donation using your corporate card. We just need to verify the donation in order to allow the self-donated gift. All donations must be contributed online to count as points.

Game on!

ok, thanks!

Will we still get a bracket poster for participating this year? & t-shirts?

can you talk louder?

You are correct. The schedule there is a bit different as we are still working on the update. Here is the current schedule for reference:http://wp.bracketsforgood.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2018_Schedule_R1.jpg

We are working on various announcements regarding 2018 posters and t-shirts


is there prize money for winning each round this year? or only the final game?

Where do we find the current matchups? Looking to see what day our round starts!

This year, the grand prize is the only prize money available. However, we say everyone wins because you can set your own metrics for success internally.


so only events/fundraisers that happen after march 2nd count for bench points?

How do we see the final prize money amount for our location?

Your first match up will start either March 2nd or March 9th depending on if you were awarded a first round bye. On February 15th, all brackets will be made available online.

Yes! Organize those bench point activities for after March 2nd. You got this!

How will we receive the community teammate info to share with potential partners?

Each tournament champion will receive an ADDITIONAL $10,000 courtesy of each tournament’s amazing presenting sponsor.


All Community Teammate resources will be available in your nonprofit locker room very soon. There will soon be a page titled ‘Community Teammate” under the “Playbook” tab

Thanks! Planting Possibilities is excited to participate — looks like we’re one of the few in NWIndiana :)


We will notify you via email as well.

Good Luck everyone and thanks for being part of Fundraising Madness!!!

Great info — we are first timers and pretty small. Excited to participate.

Small yet nimble. Use that to your advantage!

Thanks again everyone! We’re going to shut down the JoinMe! Good luck in 2018 and we’re thrilled to have you participate!

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