Community Leaders Create New, Innovative Philanthropy Model

RELEASE – Ed and Lisa Mitzen establish The Business for Good Foundation, a 501c3 organization with a mission to build thriving communities by owning, accelerating, and assisting businesses in the greater Capital Region. All profits from BFG Owned™ businesses go directly to local, charitable causes.

Community and business leaders Lisa & Ed Mitzen announce the formation of The Business for Good Foundation, to pioneer venture philanthropy in the Albany greater Capital Region. Since the start of its official launch in October of 2020, BFG™ has donated $4.4 million in grants and resources across New York State so far.

Ed Mitzen, a philanthropist and entrepreneur who successfully launched several independent, marketing agencies, including the mega-successful healthcare agency Fingerpaint, and wife, Lisa Mitzen, a passionate humanitarian with a strong background in mortgage lending, created Business for Good to give back to their community in an impactful and lasting way.

Business for Good reimagines business as a seed for social change, with the power to change lives and shape communities. To fight the inequities of access to resources and support, Business for Good’s mission is to share resources, strategies, and connections to help others build their dreams while giving back to their communities. With a focus of healing the underserved and breaking cycles of food insecurity, housing instability, and education inequity, BFG strives to open doors and opportunities where they haven’t been before.


Business for Good’s portfolio of businesses and projects include:
  • Hattie’s Chicken Shack Restaurants
  • The Bread Basket Bakery
  • Handsome Cock Farm
  • A property in Voorheesville (to be announced)
  • The former Lombardo’s Restaurant in Albany
  • Wallace Turner Law (Accelerated business)
*A list of assisted businesses can be found on the BFG website.

Philosophy & Business Models

A great amount of consideration was put into a unique model that tackles BFG’s ambitious goals:

  • BFG Owned™– BFG owned businesses become family and we take care of them like our own. We provide employees with free healthcare and competitive salaries and foster a healthy working environment. ALL profits from Business for Good owned businesses go directly to local charitable causes. Look for the Good Badge at all BFG Owned™ businesses.
  • BFG Accelerated™– As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that the challenges that lie in wait for those attempting to build and grow their own business are many. BFG™ offers entrepreneurs customized support to accelerate the development of their business and ensure that they achieve their vision, including capital, marketing, mentorship, and community networking opportunities.
  • BFG Assisted™– The BFG impact giving effort identifies already existing programs doing GOOD, because we are all in this
    together! Many organizations in our communities are committed to the common goal of ending inequity and helping those
    in need, and BFG is here to support them with capital and resources.

About The Business for Good Foundation™

With values rooted in equity, access, opportunity, and prosperity, BFG has advanced the model of traditional venture philanthropy to Do Good and Give Back to communities in the Greater Capital Region of Albany. The foundation, formed in 2020, seeks to give back to move forward and is rooted in the core principle of “for good, not gain.” Comprised of a mission-focused team, The Business for Good Foundation™ believes no challenge is insurmountable through hard and thoughtful work. With a goal to provide businesses and organizations with sustained support, BFG invests in people for the long term and in every way. Business for Good: building better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.