Business for Good Foundation™ announces new neighborhood restaurant in the Village of Voorheesville; holds community event to gather input and ideas

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RELEASE –On Saturday, October 30, Business for Good hosted a free community party at 42 S Main St. in the Village of Voorheesville to celebrate the future of the location. Currently vacant, housing only the shell of an old Stewart’s, 42 S Main St. will soon be home to a stable local business and a generous employer, one that’s focused on hiring locally and returning all profits to charity. In its fight against food insecurity, housing instability, and education inequity, Business for Good believes that every good deed starts with a good idea, and every good idea starts with a conversation. During the Oct. 30 event they did just that—had a conversation–about community, about people and about food, with the goal of working together for the good of Voorheesville. While the future of 42 S Main St. is one of many businesses supported by The Business for Good Foundation™ (BFG), this one has extra meaning to BFG founder Ed Mitzen, a Voorheesville native.

“When we founded Business for Good, one of our chief priortities was to simply give back,” said Mitzen. “Being able to give back to a community I called home means the world to me. I am so excited about this project and its alignment with the heart of BFG’s mission.”

Business for Good is a local non-profit committed to investing in people to build better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world. The foundation reimagines business as a seed for social change, with the power to change lives and shape communities. To fight the inequities of access to resources and support, Business for Good’s mission is to share resources, strategies and connections to help others build their dreams while giving back to their communities. With a focus of healing the underserved and breaking cycles of food insecurity, housing instability and education inequity, BFG strives to open doors and opportunities where they haven’t been before. The future business at 42 S Main St. Voorheesville aims to be open by the end of 2022.

“The Village of Voorheesville is abuzz with talk about what Business for Good is planning for redevelopment of the former Stewart’s in the heart of the village,” said Voorheesville Mayor Richard Straut. “We are all excited to see a new business thrive in that location. For the Mitzens to ask for our residents’ opinions about what kind of restaurant they envision is a unique approach that is greatly appreciated. What makes it even more exciting is the business model that Business for Good is implementing; one that bolsters their employees and gives profits back to community causes.”


About The Business for Good Foundation™

With values rooted in equity, access, opportunity, and prosperity, BFG has advanced the model of traditional venture philanthropy to Do Good and Give Back to communities in the Greater Capital Region of Albany. The foundation, formed in 2020, seeks to give back to move forward and is rooted in the core principle of “for good, not gain.” Comprised of a mission-focused team, The Business for Good Foundation™ believes no challenge is insurmountable through hard and thoughtful work. With a goal to provide businesses and organizations with sustained support, BFG invests in people for the long term and in every way. Business for Good: building better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

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