Introducing Champ: Our Warm & Furry MVP (Most Valuable Philanthropist)

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Rachel Purviance


A Beastly Blue Dude on a Soul-cial Mission

Not too long ago, an amazing thing happened. It was December and the snow was just beginning to blanket our headquarters in the heart of the Midwest. Our team was busy finalizing the matchups for our 2017 Brackets for Good tournaments, coast to coast, when we heard the familiar whoosh of our front door opening. Before we could even stop what we were doing, a furry blue dude took a seat and was headband deep in our non-profit online registrations. He studied the reports, analyzed the field of contenders, and made the kinds of observations that can only be described as philanthropic wizardry. P&Ls, organizational stability, potential impact. He could spot a Cinderella Story from a million miles away. Within minutes, the digital paperwork was flying through the Interwebs, our 2017 brackets were locked and loaded, and our mysterious blue guest let out a wonderful yowl that sounded sweeter than a Jim Nantz drawl. We finally mustered the courage to ask him his name. “Call me Champ,” he said. “You could say I’m on a soul-cial mission.” A soulcial mission indeed. It wasn’t long before we recognized Champ’s other talents as well. He seemed to hold a black belt in enthusiasm, and could rally support like nobody’s business. And of course, there was that beautiful, wonderful yowl of his. We spent the rest of the day on into the wee hours of the morning listening to Champ tell us about his journey from the Land of Giving, where he’d spent his youth honing his philanthropic chops. Realizing that his skills could be put to use in a wider world—where not everyone knew how to give or even what organizations they could give to—he said good-bye to the Land of Giving and tracked us down here at Brackets for Good where he hopes to help others discover the power of philanthropy. Champ will be working closely with our creative team at Lodge (and will even be bunking up at their Shop) and is committed to becoming the Most Valuable Philanthropist for all of our participating non-profits. We plan to have him canvassing the country, spreading the good word about the philanthropy’s role in today’s ever-changing world.


Invite Champ to your next charitable event!

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