Changing Hearts & Saving Lives

Posted on February 22, 2015 by Rachel Purviance

A Woman’s Choice Resource Center and Necole’s Place exist to protect the lives of unborn children and to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to those who are facing or have experienced a crisis pregnancy.

The ministry was founded in 1988 by pro-life Christians who desired to have a greater impact than what they had observed in other pro-life groups at the time. This led them to the pregnancy center model, and after speaking with their pastors and elders, they launched the ministry. Since then, they’ve expanded into two centers downtown and a women’s life-skills and education facility, Necole’s Place.

Their approach to preventing and reducing abortions is three-pronged.

Staff and volunteers praying behind our pregnancy center.

Staff and volunteers praying behind our pregnancy center.

1.     Direct services to pregnant women through pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and counseling

2.     Discipleship and education

3.     Church and school outreach and in-reach to prevent unplanned pregnancies and to foster education on the sanctity of life.

At their pregnancy center, women receive counseling and direct services. This is where they have the opportunity meet the first and most immediate need of the women who come through their doors. The more long-term aid is fulfilled at Necole’s Place, their life-skills education facility. Necole’s Place is a supplemental ministry to aid women in crisis pregnancies beyond the services at a typical pregnancy center. This is where long-term life changes take place—ultimately meeting the deeper, underlying need of the women and children they serve. Clients at Necole’s Place can take weekly bible study classes, GED classes and life-skills classes on subjects like anger management, parenting, and finance, just to name a few. In 2014, approximately 94 women enrolled in one or more of their GED classes.

The ministry is committed to the spiritual and emotional health of women experiencing crisis pregnancies in the community. Because they offer free pregnancy tests and counseling, they are able to meet and counsel women in all stages of life and socioeconomic levels in the wake of their overwhelming fear. In their 27-year history, over 8,000 babies’ lives have been saved, and they have served over 5,000 women through pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, pregnancy counseling, post-abortive counseling, benevolence and their life-skills classes.

How can you help? From clerical work and crisis pregnancy counseling, to translating, rocking babies and fixing lunch, there are lots of ways to get involved. For more information please visit

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