Leveling the Learning Playing Field

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Megan Baird

Summit Academy has been educating children with learning differences since it was incorporated as an independent, non-profit school in February 1992. It is specifically designed for children who have average to above-average aptitude for learning, but have not met with academic, social and/or organizational success in a mainstream educational setting. The goal is to provide a nurturing educational environment for students with learning differences in which each student’s academic achievement comes to reflect his or her learning potential.

Learning disabilities affect not only the children who have them, but entire families and communities as well. Children who are frustrated and unsuccessful in school tend to be more prone to get into trouble – dropping out of school, turning to drugs and alcohol, and becoming a burden on the community. The goal at Summit Academy is to help these students become active, involved, contributing members of the community.

The staff and students at Summit Academy kicking off the new school year!

The staff and students at Summit Academy kicking off the new school year!

Summit Academy is a school of need, rather than a school of choice. Most of the families never dreamed of sending their child to a private school. As a private independent school, SA receives no government funding. The students’ families pay tuition, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 per year; however many of them cannot afford the full tuition. Summit Academy’s greatest need is for funding to help create more scholarships for the families that may be struggling with the financial burden.

Aside from financial help, Summit Academy has a variety of opportunities for involvement. Throughout the year, they have special projects that require volunteers, including cleanup, beautification, mailings, and more. They are also always seeking qualified individuals to serve on their various committees and Board of Trustees to help guide the school.

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